Mesh blouse, zipper on the back, pearls on the neckline Color: POWDER PINK

100% poliester

Delivery: GLS (4-6 working days)

Clothing material guide:
Proper maintenance can prevent damage to the product and extend its life.

Cleaning max. Recommended up to 60 ° C as there is a risk of creasing. Synthetic fibers can be charged with an electric charge. This allows the clothing to stick to the body and this makes it uncomfortable to wear. This can be prevented by using a rinse aid. When tumble drying, use a special program suitable for synthetic materials, which handles the material particularly gently. Without a program, it is enough to put the material in a towel and unscrew it. Residual moisture drains quickly when hung or spread on a hanger. It is very important: always check the symbols on the dress label before washing it, you can keep your clothes in a new condition for a long time.
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