Complete quests to earn Dt, which will be credited to your Dt account.

Dt: In the universe of Eselence, Dt is a tool for you to have fun, play, learn, earn real money or buy.

Each product has a table linked to 3 different times. In this table you can distribute Dt.

Table: The 3 different times are 2 hours, 6 hours, 12 o'clock.

Each product has a maximum DT limit, if your Dt-z starts the product a countdown, if the countdown has expired, you can then re-Dt the same product.

Maximum Dt limit: 1100 Dt in 2 hours, 825 Dt in 6 hours, 550 Dt in 12-hour units


in which unit of time you made Dt, it will be counted down from the time you buy the product on your Eselence account during the countdown, if you do not buy the product the Dt will be written back to your Dt account

Product Dt:

you can choose which products you want to add Dt to, and in what unit of time you can only do one unit of time at a time, depending on how much Dt you have. The more Dt you put in the unit of time you choose, the more money you will get if the product sells. "See Countdown paragraph"

If you do not purchase the product and your time is up, Dt will be credited back to your Dt account. You can increase your chances by using the Statistics menu.

Statistics menu: This menu provides you with data and tips to help you increase product sales and a little attention to what products are worth Dt.

You may not be able to put Dt on a product in the time unit you want or not at all, because other Vip members have already put Dt on the product. Don't panic when the countdown has expired, you can then put Dt on the product.

Edit mission categories: You get quests for these topics, the more topics you check, the more quests you get and the more Dt you get.