Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order.

If it is not within the hour of placing it please indicate your cancellation to

Why didn’t I receive a confirmation email about my order?

After placing an order, our system will send you an automatic confirmation message, but our emails may be classified as spam by your email provider (please check your spam folder first). In case you cannot find it, please email us at to make sure your order is in our system.

Why got my order cancelled?

In case of an open order (if the product remains in the cart) we will notify you by email twice. 48 hours after placing your order and 5 days after placing your order. Please also check your spam folder.

Due to the wide range of operations involved in the continuity of stock supply, we cannot guarantee that all items will be available at all times. If the purchase price does not show up on our account after 14 days, your (open) order will be canceled.

I ordered multiple products, but not all of them arrived. Why?

We ship from several different warehouses. If you order more than one product, they may arrive separately on different days.