discounts and points


What discounts are available?

By collecting and using discount points, you can buy the product you want cheaper.

Registration is a prerequisite for using any discount.


Can I use my points for all products?

You can use your points on all products except the special offer products.

How can I collect points and how many do I get?

  1. Registration (one time opportunity): 100 points
  2. Daily access: 6 points
  3. Newsletter subscription (one-time opportunity): 100 points
  4. Shopping: 1 point for every euro spent
  5. Product reviews (only for your own purchases): 5 points
  6. Product review with picture and comment (only for your own product purchased): 10 points

When will I get my points?

  1. Immediately after registration
  2. Immediately after daily login
  3. Immediately after subscribing to the newsletter
  4. Within 24 hours after purchase
  5. In case of product review (only for your own purchases): Within 24 hours after sending in the review
  6. In case of product review with picture and comment (only for your own purchases): Within 24 hours after sending the picture and comment

How many points equal a 1 Euro discount?

You can redeem 1 Euro for 100 points.

Where can I see how many points I have?

After log in, you will find “My points” in the top right-hand corner of the drop-down menu

How long are my points valid for?

Your points are valid for 30 days from the date of acquisition.

Where can I check how long my points are valid?

Expiry date of your points are shown under My points in the menu.

Do my points disappear after I make a purchase?

Yes, after purchase your points will disappear because you have used them.

How many points can I redeem at once?

You may use up to 1500 points per product or up to 40% of the product per day.

I placed my order with points/discount but I changed my mind and I don't want to use my discount. Can I still cancel it?

When you use points to make a purchase, we are not able to change the product you bought with the discount.

How should I/can I use my points?


You can redeem your points on the checkout page.


I posted a review but I didn't get any points. Why?

You probably used/written down obscene terms that we cannot display.