Short dress model 119358 Lenitif


Color: navy blue
Delivery: fedEX (4-6 working DAYS)

Clothing material guide:
Proper maintenance can prevent damage to the product and extend its life.

Its advantage is excellent resistance. Their disadvantages are that they are less flexible, wrinkle quickly, and are less thermally insulating. Cotton can withstand washing up to 95 ° C. Dyed cotton material max. Wash up to 60 ° C as there is a risk of fading and also with a detergent suitable for colored clothes. It is important to follow the maintenance label for each fabric on the label. The cotton can be tumble dried. It is recommended to follow the prescribed maintenance to prevent the material from shrinking. Ironing does not damage the cotton. It is very important: always check the symbols on the dress label before washing it, you can keep your clothes in a new condition for a long time.
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