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Plus size dress model 169038 Karko

Mth 20903

Michalina dress is the best alternative for spring and summer days. Michalina was sewn in Polish sewing factories, which very conscientiously and accurately reproduced the designs of our specialists. The featured dress is one of our most popular models, and the credit for this goes to the pockets and the waist belt, which are a practical and decorative element. Equally distinctive is the front opening, the wide shoulder straps and the heart neckline. The described dress is our suggestion for, among other things, walking, going to the cinema or other important and special occasions. We guarantee that the Michalina dress, together with accessories, will create an interesting and comfortable styling in which you will feel beautiful. Timeless and extremely versatile Michalina dress is a model that should be in every woman's closet. A simple and comfortable cut, striking details and the ability to perfectly adjust the dress to your figure make such a creation suitable for both official and less obliging situations. In Michalina dress you can appear at an important business lunch, a company meeting or an afternoon social gathering, always asking chic and looking fantastic. However, to fit perfectly into the situation, you can not forget about the right accessories. Depending on the occasion and the planned activities, combine the Michalina dress with stilettos, elegant sandals or classic sneakers, and match it with a leather handbag, linen backpack or a small, practical kidney.
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